Head restraints. Mitsubishi Outlander (since 2003 of release)
Repair and Mitsubishi Outlander service since 2003 of release.
1. Operation and car maintenance
1.1. Car description
1.2. Keys, locks of doors and opening elements of a body
1.3. Governing bodies, kontrolnoizmeritelny devices and salon equipment
1.4. Seats
1.4.1. Seat adjustment
1.4.2. Forward seat
1.4.3. Seats with electroheating
1.4.4. Back seat
1.4.5. Armrest
1.4.6. Pillow of a back seat
1.4.7. Head restraints
1.4.8. Otkidyvaniye of backs of forward seats
1.5. System of passive safety
1.6. Sitema of heating and conditioning
1.7. Driving and car service
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body
9. Appendix
10. Electric equipment schemes


1.4.7. Head restraints

Head restraints provide protection only in case of their correct adjustment.

Adjustment on height
For reduction of probability of receiving a trauma in case of failure (collision) adjust head restraint height so that its center settled down as it is possible more precisely at level of eyes (for very tall persons it is necessary to establish a head restraint in the most top situation).
To lift a head restraint, lift it, respectively, up. to lower it, move a head restraint down, at the same time pressing the button of adjustment of height подголовника^) in the direction specified by an arrow. After adjustment press a head restraint from above to be convinced that it is reliably fixed.

Adjustment of an inclination of head restraints
Incline a head restraint to itself if it is necessary to incline it forward. For adjustment back, incline it back.

Removal of head restraints
To remove a head restraint, press the button A of adjustment of height and extend it up. to establish a head restraint, at first be convinced that you hold it the face forward after that insert it into the corresponding openings on a back of a seat and, pressing the button A of adjustment of height in the direction specified by an arrow, lower a head restraint down.
Be convinced of that the button A of adjustment of height of a head restraint is in the situation shown in drawing, then pull a head restraint up to make sure that it cannot jump out of a seat back.

Head restraints of lobbies and back seats differ in the sizes. At installation of head restraints turn on this attention not to mix them. Otherwise receiving a serious trauma is possible at a road accident.

Raskladyvaniye of seats in horizontal situation
If to remove head restraints and completely to cast away back backs of seats, in the car it is possible to make one big flat surface.

Do not transport luggage or passengers on completely spread out seats. It is very dangerous. In case of a road accident people or children, being not fastened on the spread-out seats, are endangered raised and can get serious traumas or be lost. During movement do not allow adult passengers or children to be in zones of the car which are not equipped with seats or seat belts. Watch that each passenger of your car was on sitting and it was fastened by seat belts, and the child was reliably fixed in children's sitting. To provide safety of children, do not allow them to regulate a seat independently.

If it is necessary to spread out seats in horizontal situation, at first stop the car in a safe place.

Watch that seats were regulated by the adult person. Do not allow children to carry out this operation since it can lead to unforeseen situations or to accident.
Be attentive, when move a seat not to jam a hand or a foot.
Do not go on seats when they are in horizontal situation.
To be convinced that seats are reliably fixed, try to move them forward or back.
Do not jump on backs of seats and do not knock on them.
To lift a seat back, sit down on a seat, undertake a hand a back and slowly lift it. Do not allow children to carry out this operation since it can lead to unforeseen situations or to accident.

1.4.6. Pillow of a back seat

1.4.8. Otkidyvaniye of backs of forward seats